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A few extra items to consider about Strategic Referral Teams…

  • Small strategic teams avoid the politics of larger networking groups.

  • There is no pressure to bring visitors as with other networking groups.

  • Concentrating the relationships on a select few results in better quality and quantity of referrals.

  • The training gives participants the skills and confidence to recognise and create opportunities.

  • You are not a member of ARTA. You are a member of your Strategic Referral Team.

  • You may choose to have an ARTA representative provide ongoing support to your team. (Fees apply)

  • Without this representative, there are no ongoing fees payable to ARTA.

  • ARTA Representatives are connected in the business community. You may tap into their networks.

  • Team members are not forced to give presentations to large groups though you will be trained to.

  • The training accelerates the passing of referrals.

  • After the training, there are no ARTA requirements on teams.

  • It is strongly advised your team meets every second week in the first 2 months.

  • Learn from those in your team.

  • Additional training available. (Fees apply)

  • Grow your team to the size you want. (Min 6 strongly advised)

  • Additional educational material is available. (Fees apply)

  • Pitch as a unit for larger jobs.

  • Learn the language patterns that create business opportunities.

Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities

It’s that Simple…

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