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Why do Presentation Coaches go on about the Power of Stories?

Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities 

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Why do Presentation Skills Coaches

go on about the Power of Stories?

Come on…

Be honest…

It doesn’t matter what you do, we’ve all had them…

We’ve all had those moments when you just want to drop a mild sedative in your client’s drink. Not 20. Just 1. They enter the meeting all flustered, wearing anxiety like Meryl Streep when she screamed out “A dingo’s got my baby!” then order a double-shot latte as their stress level rises a few notches on the Fret-O-Meter. And you’re thinking, I wish they’d ordered a calming herbal infusion.

Do you ever have those moments?

Lately, I’ve been having a few of them and they are very normal considering what’s going on. You see, my clients are wanting to learn the ins and outs of presenting online in our over-COVID fuelled world because…

“OMG! I’ve got this awesome speaking engagement and I need to put something together ASAP.”

Yep, we’ll get you there…

“Holy frijoles! I hate public speaking but this is too good an opportunity to pass up.”

Yep, let’s get that sorted…

“It’s hot in here, isn’t it?”

Usually said after taking the first sip of what should have been chamomile tea.

Anyhoo, we discuss the purpose of the presentation, the desired outcome, what to say, how to say it and who’ll be in the audience. Then we put together a template and fill in the gaps with content that sucks an audience in from the get-go.

Guess what happens next…

A serenity ensues. Sure, nerves are still apparent but they are from excitement, not fear. (Those are exactly the nerves you want before you go on!) Once people see there is a plan to follow, that this comes after that, their anxiety diminishes and I screw the lid back on the pills.

The trouble with most online presentations at the moment is too many presenters are unaware of the basic skills that keep an audience interested. Consequently, their message is often lost due to low engagement. These skills are easy to learn and result in an audience following you along like a faithful Labrador waiting for the next treat from your bag of tricks.

For your next presentation –

  • Work on the story arc and communication techniques that will have your audience in the palm of your hand from commencement to culmination.
  • Learn the delivery skills that will have them following you along like Princeton, that faithful Labrador.
  • Embed the keywords and concepts that have been hooking humans for thousands of years.
  • Then, when you’ve got them… make your point. They’re ready to hear it.
  • Oh… and employ the techniques that leave an audience inspired to take action.

Then enjoy the confidence you’ll feel as you take your crowd on an educational and entertaining quest.

Here’s the thing…

Audiences absorb messages much more readily when they are in the moment you create. Why? Because your delivery and content lower their barriers.

It’s all right. I haven’t forgotten…

Why are Presentation Coaches always going on about stories? People want to see what happens next…

“Steve has the ability to engage with the audience, encourage interaction throughout the course and provide attendees the tools and skills they require to succeed. His outgoing personality projects into the room and creates a fun atmosphere that keep you interested from the beginning till the end. I sincerely recommend Steve Sweeney as the consummate trainer. His passion, professionalism and great personality make attending fun and memorable.”

Lena Claire, Event Planner




“Steve has a wonderful ability to engage audiences quickly.
He delivers the training material in a way that has participants sitting up and listening. The keys to this are that he
  • delivers the “why” and not just the “how”
  • paints the bigger picture
  • uses stories to showcase the elements he wants to highlight.
Steve has clearly been trained in his art and his system works. In particular I saw the impact he had on my team. As primary trainer for the group, the transition he took us through from week 1 to week 4 was astounding. Not only did our presenting and referral generation skills improve, but our belief in ourselves soared too.”

Andrea Squires, Real Estate

Why the Presentation Skills Workshops Work…



 You have it in you. It just needs to be let out. The course gives you the tools and structure to become an accomplished presenter who knows how to work a screen or stage to achieve the desired outcome. Relax… you got this.



 Business Owners and BDMs will benefit from this training as it gives them the skills to efficiently work one to many. These opportunities do not come along every day so when they do they need to be maximised for full benefit.



The workshop teaches presentation techniques from basic to advanced. The nature and delivery of content are discussed so they have maximum effect on an audience. Persuasive delivery techniques are also taught so participants learn to bring the crowd with them. 


Online via Zoom or your workplace.

Australia wide workshops are possible.  (Additional costs may be incurred for in-person workshops run outside Melbourne.)




A time that suits.

Let’s talk.



Unique Workshop Structure and Content

Interactive Confidence-Boosting Training Techniques.

Superior Presentation Skills Training

Steve Sweeney

ARTA Training Manager

I have attended several of Steve’s sessions during this time and have found him to be a great trainer within a group and individually. His knowledge, use of learning materials and communication skills are exceptional.

Louis Maloney, Bookkeeper