How to Conduct Persuasive Prospect Business Meetings

Communication Training + Effective Structure = Immediate Business Opportunities 

It’s That Simple.


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Attention – Business Owners and BDMs

The Persuasive Prospect Business Meetings course teaches participants the necessary techniques to build the relationships that attract business.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to –

  • Follow the meeting template,

  • Build rapport with potential clients within a guided structure,

  • Become the potential client’s trusted advisor,

  • Correlate the status of the relationship with the timing of an applicable offer,

  • Use business-generating communication patterns,

  • Identify and create business opportunities.

When these skills are sharpened, there is a remarkably positive effect on conversion rates, sales and BDM turnover.

Group or Individual Training Available

These in-person or online sessions are specifically designed for many common businesses which may include…

Accountants                                          Mortgage Brokers

Financial Planners                                Debt Collectors

Bookkeepers                                         HR Professionals

Business Brokers                                 Insurance Brokers

Travel Agents                                        IT Support Professionals

Commercial Finance Brokers             Printers

Lawyers                                                  Website Designers

Real Estate Agents                               Buyers Advocates

Conveyancers                                        Event Planners

Graphic Designers                                Photographers

Marketing Companies                         Architects


“This training really eased the burden for me. I felt a clarity and sense of purpose which I have successfully put into practice ever since.”

Monica French
Successful Deal
"Thank-you, gentlemen."
"I'll get tha to you in the next delivery."

In-Person 2-hour Session


Zoom – 2 x 1hr Sessions

Groups or Individuals

Individuals – $399

Groups – $199/attendee (2 – 4)

                 $99/attendee (5 – 10)

This advanced course generates the

confidence and skills to communicate

persuasively within an effective structure.

(Prices do not include GST.)

Trainer Steve Sweeney
Date & Time By agreement
Venue Online via Zoom or In-Person in your workplace.

Note: Our trainers will adjust the workshop content to suit the professions represented in the session.

Why the Persuasive Prospect Meeting Training Works…



Many BDMs and Business Owners lack the communication skills to detect and act on the triggers that regularly occur in business meetings. This course teaches participants to recognise these triggers and guide the conversation appropriately.



BDMs and Business Owners need a suite of natural communication techniques to guide conversations towards their objective. This course teaches participants the communication techniques which quickly build trust and lead to positive results.



The training is interactive and keeps participants in the learning zone for maximum knowledge retention. The exercises stretch abilities, sharpen skills and produce the confidence required to have a go in the real world. It’s all about attracting buyers – not selling!





Online via Zoom or your workplace.

Australia wide workshops are possible.  (Additional costs may be incurred for in-person workshops run outside Melbourne.)



A time that suits.

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Unique Workshop Structure and Content

Interactive Learning Sessions

Advanced Business Communication Skills Training

Steve Sweeney

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“Steve’s workshops are the best I’ve ever attended. He connects with the group and shows them how to do business fast. The sessions are fun, informative and business gets done.”

Elisa Elkins, Allegra Financial.