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Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities 

It’s That Simple.


Strategic Referral Teams Workshops

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All Face-to-Face Workshops are now being conducted via Zoom.

Workshops are run as demand requires.

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Below are examples of professionals who service the Business Servcies target market. With only one representative from each profession in a Strategic Referral Team, 6 – 8 of these could complete the workshop and readily begin generating business opportunities for each other.

Accountants                                              Debt Collectors

Bookkeepers                                             HR Professionals

Business Brokers                                     Insurance Brokers

Corporate Travel Agents                         IT Support Professionals

Commercial Finance Brokers                 Printers

Commercial Lawyers                               Website Designers


What professions could readily pass you referrals?

Call to discuss how to organise your Strategic Referral Team.

3 x 2 hour Strategic Referral Teams Workshop via Zoom

Plus 1 hour personal training with instructor.

$799 inc GST per Attendee (Min 6 Attendees)

Trainer Steve Sweeney
Date Let’s work that out!
Venue Zoom for the time being.

Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities

Note: Employers wishing to send several representatives will attract discount rates.  Please REGISTER INTEREST to discuss.


“I’d like a dollar for every time participants have discovered how to do

business with each other as I’m training them.”

Steve Sweeney.

Why the Strategic Referral Team Workshops Work…



Let’s say each of the 8 participants enters the training with 100 on their individual databases. When they have completed the training and the exercises, they have the skills, knowledge and confidence in each other to access 700 additional contacts.

And be recommended to them.



Let’s work together to find your 6 – 8 non-competing professionals who wish to quickly develop a Strategic Referral Team. On your Strategic Referral Team, each professional must service the same target market as the others on the team.

So, who would you like to work with to generate referrals?



The workshop teaches communication skills that make referring easy.

Without competition, each participant monopolises the referrals for their profession as confidence in them grows.

As each services the same target market, the contacts of each are potential customers for all.




All workshops are currently being conducted via Zoom



Let’s get the team together and work out a date and time.


Unique Collaborative Workshop Structure

Relationship Building Activities

Referral Generating Communication Skills Training

Steve Sweeney

ARTA Training Manager


Further advanced training is available once your Strategic Referral Team is underway.