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Fill Your Pipeline with Referrals

Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities 

It’s That Simple.



This highly specialised referral training will take your understanding of the referral process to the next level.

This course has been specifically designed so individual participants or groups learn to –

  • Recognise Referral Triggers,

  • Create Referral Opportunities

  • Attract and Give High-Quality Referrals,

  • Develop and Practise Communication Techniques which Generate Referrals,

  • Discover their Natural Referral Partners,

  • Begin the Process of Developing their own Strategic Referral Teams.

Understanding these elements has a remarkable effect on the quality and quantity of referrals generated.

Online or In-Person

Fill you Pipeline with Referrals

These sessions suit many business categories including…

Accountants                                          Mortgage Brokers

Financial Planners                                Debt Collectors

Bookkeepers                                         HR Professionals

Business Brokers                                 Insurance Brokers

Travel Agents                                        IT Support Professionals

Commercial Finance Brokers             Printers

Lawyers                                                  Website Designers

Real Estate Agents                               Buyers Advocates

Conveyancers                                        Event Planners

Graphic Designers                                Photographers

Marketing Companies                         Architects


“I’d like a dollar for every time participants have discovered how to do business with each other as I’m training them.”

Steve Sweeney
I have had many opportunities to attend Steve’s training courses.  Steve has the ability to engage with the audience, encourage interaction throughout the course and provide attendees the tools and skills they require to succeed. His outgoing personality projects into the room and creates a fun atmosphere keeping you interested from the beginning till the end.”
Lena Parker, Event Manager

In-Person or Zoom 2-hour Session


Individuals – $399

Groups (2 – 4) – $199

Groups (5 – 10) – $99

Book your session now and open

your Referral Pipeline. Great for BDM   

teams & Sales Managers.

Trainer Steve Sweeney
Date & Time By agreement
Venue Online via Zoom or In-Person in your Workplace.

Note: Our trainers will adjust the workshop content to suit the professions represented in the session.

(Price does not  include GST.) 

Some answers…



Imagine being part of a Strategic Referral Team where everyone knows how to refer quality business to each other. You all know the relevant communication techniques, how to create opportunities and recognise referral triggers.

Through the exercises in this course you’ll begin the process of getting there.



This course teaches you who your Natural Referral Partners are. Once you know this, you are in a strategic position to build the right relationships for your business and form your Strategic Referral Team.

This is collaboration at its peak.



The workshop teaches communication skills and referral generating techniques that improve business outcomes. This happens via a series of training exercises that build skills and knowledge of Strategic Referral Teams.

 That’s good for everyone!





Online via Zoom of Your Workplace.

Australia wide workshops are possible.  (Additional costs may be incurred for in-person workshops run outside Melbourne.)



By Agreement.





Unique Workshop Structure and Content

Relationship Building Activities

Referral Communication Skills Training

Steve Sweeney

Your Trainer



“Steve’s workshops are the best I’ve ever attended. He connects with the group and shows them how to do business fast. The sessions are fun, informative and business gets done.”

Elisa Elkins, Allegra Financial.