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Independent Referral Group Training & Management

Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities

It’s That Simple.  





Too many independent referral groups yield little or no results for

members. This is often a chicken and egg scenario as it’s caused

by and results in –


  • High Member Turnover
  • Low Morale
  • Disillusion and Selfishness
  • Little or No Engagement in the Referral Process
  • No Visitors
  • Dwindling Numbers
  • Further Deterioration in Results


If this resembles your group, it needs a circuit breaker.

 Your Members Need Business or They Won’t Stay.

92% of Consumers Trust Referrals from People They Know.

B2B Companies with Referrals Experience a 70% Higher Conversion Rate.


ARTA provides highly specialised referral training & management to independent

 groups. This enables them to develop the structure needed to obtain results.


This Training and Management Package has been specifically designed so members –


  • Form a Team Mentality

  • Set & Adhere to Their Own Standards

  • Develop Confidence in Each Other

  • Avoid Disputes

  • Attract and Give High-Quality Referrals
  • Discover their Natural Referral Partners
  • Stay together

This is an Annual Package 

The Package Includes – 

  • 2 x 2 hour Referral Skills Training sessions in the first month.
  • 1 x 2 hour Standards and Goals Setting session in first month.
  • 5 Additional 1 hour Group Training Sessions throughout the year.
  • Group & Member Management.   
  • Statistics Collection & Tabulation.
  • New Applicant Interviewing, Approval/Rejection and On-Boarding.
  • 3 x 1 hour Individual Member Mentoring Sessions.
  • Meeting Agenda Creation.
  • Speaker Roster Management.
  • Contacting Visitors.




“I’ve had many opportunities to attend Steve’s training courses. Steve has the ability to engage with an audience, encourage interaction throughout and provide attendees the tools and skills they require to succeed. His outgoing personality projects into the room and creates a fun atmosphere keeping you interested from beginning to the end.”

Rena Christou, MJ Events

Some answers…

Steve, Yours was the best virtual workshop I’ve seen. Very
entertaining and full of practical tips and advice for the group.”
Monika Ewens, Making Plans with Monika


The members want a ROI.

Multiple independently gathered statistics indicate referrals are healthy for businesses.

External management enables members to concentrate on the reason they joined – attracting referrals.


Existing independent referral groups.

Leaders and individuals from these groups are encouraged to organise an information session for the group. If you’ve already invested substantial amounts of time with the group, don’t throw that away by leaving.


The highest quality management and training of independent referral groups.

ARTA will ascertain the standards the group wants to adhere to which are in line with their goals. Training, management and mentoring will then occur to achieve these goals.     


Online via Zoom.

Australia-wide group management and training are possible.  


By Agreement.

If your group has a high turnover of members, call now while you still have a group.    


  • Exceptional Training.
  • Clear Communication.
  • 1-2-1 Mentoring.
  • Groups Set Expectations.
  • External Management.

Referrals account for 65% of companies’ new deals.

Get your group out of the doldrums and in the Referral Zone. If the current ROI is low and no hope is in sight, your group will fragment.


$500/member/year. (Minimum 15 Members)

Includes GST

No other referral organisation provides this level of care or comes close to the value.

“If you want someone to inspire, engage and impart a wealth of knowledge, Steve is your guy.”

 Simon James, Simon James Photography

Trainer Steve Sweeney
Date & Time By agreement
Venue Online via Zoom.

Note: Your group’s members already know each other, they just want and need to get a return on their investment. This Training and Management Package shows them the way.


“Steve’s workshops are the best I’ve ever attended. He connects with the group and shows them how to do business fast. The sessions are fun, informative and business gets done.”

Elisa Elkins, Allegra Financial.

“Steve Sweeney is a terrific human and a super engaging facilitator/trainer. I have been to various of his training sessions and have always been impressed with how the crowd takes to him and how people leave inspired and with bucket loads of knowledge.”

Sarita Johan, SJ Coaching