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Network for a Result

Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities 

It’s That Simple.




    Business Success is ALL about Successful Business Relationships

This highly specialised networking training will teach you the easy steps to bring a positive result at your next event.

This course has been specifically designed so individual participants or groups learn to –

  • Select the Events to Attend,

  • Avoid the Cringe of Selling Themselves,

  • Work to a Plan,

  • Develop and Practise Communication Techniques which Generate Interest from Others,

  • Understand the Strategic Professions to Approach,

  • Begin the Process of Developing their own Strategic Referral Teams.

Understanding these elements has a remarkable effect on the outcomes of networking and avoids the dreaded – Selling Yourself.

Online or In-Person

Network for a Result

Networking comes naturally to some, for
others it’s a learned skill. If you’re in the latter
category, stop wasting your time and getting
frustrated because you’re never achieving a

This course will accelerate your outcomes and see you working the room like a pro. All you need is a little guidance, a plan and a few practiced phrases and you’re on your way.

Once you’ve grasped the above, this course then takes your understanding of networking beyond these limits by introducing you to the art and science of Strategic Referral Teams. These are the game-changers in referral marketing and understanding them will move your business results forward rapidly.

Thank you for your training yesterday. It was definitely beneficial, and I look forward to really incorporating some of those tips you mentioned.

Fiona Carter

 In-Person 2-hour Session


Zoom 2 x 1-hr Sessions


Individuals – $399

Groups – $199/attendee (2 – 4)

                 $99/attendee (5 – 10)

Sometimes, a little guidance is all it takes.

Book your session now to enjoy your next

networking event and get a result.

Trainer Steve Sweeney
Date & Time By agreement
Venue Online via Zoom or In-Person in your Workplace.

Note: Our trainers will adjust the workshop content to suit the professions represented in the session.

(Price does not include GST.) 

Some answers…



Imagine striding into your next networking event confident of who to meet, what to say and how to ensure you’re going to get a result.

Through the exercises in this course you’ll begin the process of getting there and be introduced to the power of Strategic Referral Teams.



This course teaches you who your Natural Referral Partners are. Once you know this and know how to communicate with them at networking events, you are in a strategic position to build the right relationships for your business and form your Strategic Referral Team.

This is collaboration at its peak.



The workshop teaches communication skills and referral generating techniques that improve business outcomes. This happens via a series of training exercises that build skills and knowledge.

 It’s suitable for groups and individuals wanting to accelerate their networking results.





Online via Zoom of Your Workplace.

Australia wide workshops are possible.  (Additional costs may be incurred for in-person workshops run outside Melbourne.)



By Agreement.





Unique Workshop Structure and Content

Relationship Building Activities

Referral Communication Skills Training

Steve Sweeney

Your Trainer



“Steve’s workshops are the best I’ve ever attended. He connects with the group and shows them how to do business fast. The sessions are fun, informative and business gets done.”

Elisa Elkins, Allegra Financial.