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Online & In-Person Presentation Skills Training

Online Presentation Skills Training + Boosted Confidence = Immediate Business Opportunities

It’s That Simple.


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Online & In-Person Presentation Skills Training for BDMs and Business Owners

Develop Persuasive Presenting Skills to Attract Buyers


Scared witless when it’s your turn to present?

Putting hours of preparation into your presentations for no result?

Conducting Zoom presentations and noticing people turning off their cameras?

Sounds like it may be time to invest in yourself to move past this…

Online & In-Person Presentation Skills Training

These online and in-person sessions are specifically designed for BDMs and Business Owners needing to persuade an audience.

“There are few trainers who have Steve’s gift of being able to educate and entertain at the same time. This immediately gets learners in the right headspace to absorb information. But then he goes further… he inspires you to put the knowledge into practice.”

Elisa Elkins. Allegra Financial

Imagine confidently approaching your next presentation with energy and enthusiasm…

Visualise yourself delivering a relatable message that moves your audience…

Picture you and your audience enjoying the whole experience…

Now frame that picture and hang it on your mental wall because ARTA’s presentation skills training will help you get there.

Want to Attract Buyers from Stage or Screen?

The method is simple… Learn to emotionally invest your audience in the presentation. Mastering this usually just requires a little extra knowledge.

Audiences want to see a show and learn. They want to be taken on a journey by the presenter who guides them and tells stories evoking emotions and memories. They want to feel the excitement of the performance and connect with presenters.

Presenters may then use their newly bestowed trusted advisor status to explain an offer that immediately resonates.

Learning to attracts buyers is far more effective than selling.


The Online & In-Person Presentation Skills Training Prepares Participants to…

  • Present Confidently and Authoritatively.
  • Tailor your Presentation to your Audience.
  • Differentiate between Presenting/Training/Facilitating and Learn When and How to Switch Seamlessly between them.
  • Develop Non-Salesy Communication Techniques,
  • Build and Cement a Relationship with Your Audience.
  • Create Business & Career Opportunities from the Stage.
  • Win an Audience with Statistics. Yep… it’s possible!
  • Develop a Repertoire of Your Relevant Stories.
  • Grasp the Importance of Storytelling to Attract Buyers.
  • Use & Structure Appealing Visuals.
  • Stop Your Audience from Reading Slides when they should be Listening to You.
  • Inspire an Audience to Act on Your Information.

In-Person 2-hour Session


Zoom – 2 x 1hr Sessions

Groups or Individuals

Individuals – $399

Groups – $199/attendee (2 – 4)

                 $99/attendee (5 – 10)

This advanced course generates the

confidence and skills to present

purposefully within an effective structure.

(Prices do not include GST)


Trainer Steve Sweeney
Date & Time By Agreement
Venue Online via Zoom or In-Person in your venue

Note: If requested, workshop content and duration can be adjusted to suit specific needs.

A few answers…



You have it in you. It just needs to be let out. The course gives you the tools and structure to become an accomplished presenter who knows how to work a screen or stage to achieve the desired outcome. Relax… you got this.




Business Owners and BDMs will benefit from this training as it gives them the skills to efficiently work one to many. These opportunities do not come along every day so when they do they need to be maximised for full benefit.



The workshop teaches presentation techniques from basic to advanced. The nature and delivery of content are discussed so they have maximum effect on an audience. Persuasive delivery techniques are also taught so participants learn to bring the crowd with them.





Online via Zoom or your workplace.

Australia wide workshops are possible.  (Additional costs may be incurred for in-person workshops run outside Melbourne.)



A time that suits.

Let’s talk.





Unique Workshop Structure and Content

Interactive Confidence-Boosting Training Techniques.

Superior Presentation Skills Training

Steve Sweeney

Your Trainer



“Steve’s workshops are the best I’ve ever attended. He connects with the group and shows them how to do business fast. The sessions are fun, informative and business gets done.”

Elisa Elkins, Allegra Financial.