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Strategic Referral Team Training

Referral Skills Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities

It’s That Simple.




Imagine being surrounded by 6 – 12 complementary

business owners who readily refer clients to you…

Strategic Referral Team Training

These online and in-person sessions are

specifically designed for BDMs and Business

Owners who want to leverage their connections.

This training is a game-changer. It teaches the art and science of referral marketing and enables participants to –

  • Develop quality business relationships with strategic referral partners,
  • Learn referral generating language patterns,
  • Identify and create referral opportunities,
  • Follow a referral partner meeting template that creates opportunities,
  • Act as a unit when pitching for larger jobs.


If you don’t enjoy selling yourself, this is

the best way to build your business.

Let’s say you have 100 clients and prospects on your database.

In isolation, that’s all you’ve got.

Now let’s say you have strategic relationships with 8 other complementary BDMs or Business Owners who each service the same target market as you and have 100 on their databases.

Combined, you all now have 900 potential clients. Once trained, you will have developed the confidence and skills to recommend each other to these contacts. That means someone else is selling you.

That’s the power of Strategic Referral Teams.


Differences Between Strategic Referral Teams and Other Referral Groups

They're designed to work for you.


ARTA SRTs                                                                            Other Referral Organisations


You are not a member of ARTA. You are a member of your SRT.                                                     You are a member.

No annual membership fees.                                                                                                                  You pay annual memberships fees.

Your SRT sets its own standards.                                                                                                          You adhere to their standards regardless of their suitability to your business.

Trained by a Specialist Referral Marketing Trainer.                                                                            Potentially not trained at all or trained by a non-specialist.

Your SRT is set up to make money for your team.                                                                              You make money for a franchise/business owner.

Outsource your member performance management.                                                                        Internal member management which leads to member-to-member conflict.

Choose your team of referral partners.                                                                                                 You’re stuck with the existing lottery of members.

No requirement to bring visitors.                                                                                                           You’re required to bring visitors so the franchisee can acquire new members.

A team mentality.                                                                                                                                      Individuals who happen to play on the same field so low member retention.


Low member retention is the main reason many referral groups fail to deliver benefits to members.

High member turnover means relationships are not sufficiently cemented and groups disintegrate.


Zoom or In-Person – 5 x 1hr  Group Sessions + 1 x 2hr session.


Individuals – $1,299 (minimum 6)

This advanced course generates the

relationships that lead to significant

business opportunities via the leverage

of teams.

(Price does not include GST)


Trainer Steve Sweeney
Date & Time By Agreement
Venue Online via Zoom or In-Person in your venue

Note: The content and duration of this session cannot be adjusted. It is structured to achieve the end result. 




Referral Marketing is especially effective in densely competitive sectors where a high degree of trust is required to win clients.

“Steve’s experience and advice are an integral part not only to the growth of my business but to the growth of my client’s businesses as well.  His engaging and charismatic approach to referral marketing lifts you to take action and improve your business.  I have learnt a great deal from Steve in the short time I have been working with him and I will continue to engage him and refer him to my clients requiring additional strategies to grow their business by referral marketing.”

Darren Xerri, Owner, Your Business First.


 “Steve is able to train many different people with many different learning styles. He understands how people learn and has many modes up his sleeve to deliver material. He is totally across all training material allowing him to answer any ad-hoc questions along the way. This wins him the respect of all team members.”

Damian Rullo, BNI Director.


“Hey Steve, the session was just excellent thank you so much.”

Adele Postlethwaite, Branch Manager Alan Wilson Brokers.


“Steve shone as he was able to move to the students’ side of the table. Instead of dragging us through a set stack of PowerPoint slides, he made the entire experience interactive and spent time where we needed it. This flexibility engaged our team and made the whole experience enjoyable – and helped us retain the knowledge!”

Paul Ostaff, CEO Reignite Consulting.







The course gives you the tools, skills and structure to form Strategic Referral Teams that leverage business relationships. This results in multiple word-of-mouth referrals and business opportunities. It also means team members can avoid the discomfort of selling themselves.




Business Owners and BDMs will benefit from this training as it gives them the skills to accelerate relationship development with the right connections. Since you all service the same target market, every customer of one is a potential customer of the others on the team.



The workshop teaches referral creation skills as a group. During these exchanges, your team members will learn about each other’s businesses and develop the confidence and ability to recommend them to their existing clients and associates. Participants also engage in exercises to enhance team development.





Online via Zoom or your workplace.

Australia wide workshops are possible.  (Additional costs may be incurred for in-person workshops run outside Melbourne.)



By agreement.

Let’s talk.





Unique Workshop Structure and Content.

Interactive Confidence-Boosting Training Techniques.

Superior Skills Training Techniques.

Steve Sweeney

Your Trainer



“Steve’s workshops are the best I’ve ever attended. He connects with the group and shows them how to do business fast. The sessions are fun, informative and business gets done.”

Elisa Elkins, Allegra Financial.