How to Build a Referral Network


Build a referral network and customers will beat a path to your door.

Here’s the bottom line right up the top…

Referrals come from someone else so surround yourself with the people who already know, like and trust you and are well placed to pass them to you.

And now I’ve got a news flash for you…

Just because people know, like and trust doesn’t mean they’re going to pass you referrals. It’s just the beginning of the process.

Think about it. How often do you receive referrals from the dozens, scores or even hundreds of people that currently know like and trust you?

At that rate, can you sustainably build a business that will support the lifestyle you want?

There’s an enormous glut in the marketplace right now of business owners who are networking for dozens of hours per week, are randomly collecting acquaintances who know, like and trust them and are dissatisfied or even dejected with their results. That’s because they don’t know how build a functional referral network.

Build a Functional Referral Network

The highly effective ARTA referral method teaches the art & science of both attracting referrals and generating them. How can we do it while others can’t?

Many reasons but none more important than this… we know that being known, liked and trusted is not enough. It’s essential to start with that but, alone, it’s not enough. There’s a missing link and it’s vital to understanding the referral process and how to build a working referral network.

Want to know how to build a referral network? One that works?

Make contact and we’ll explain the teams approach so you don’t have to go it alone. And we’ll tell you the missing link.

Steve Sweeney

  • Head Trainer ARTA
  • Host The Referral Guy Radio Show on IBGR.Network broadcasting in over 180 countries
  • Former BNI Training Director
  • Trained thousands of business owners in the art & science of how to build a referral network
  • Knows referral marketing inside out and backwards
  • Contracted to Deakin University to assist with teaching Communication Skills

When part of a large referral organisation, I got a little tired of watching good people get poor results from networking because of the system that constrained them. With the expertise I’d acquired, I thought… I can fix that.

And that led me to establishing the Australian Referral Training Academy.

Now, I Teach Business Owners to Build a

Productive Referral Network

If you’re interested in learning the skills that will help you build a productive referral network, make contact and let’s get you on your way. It’s all about being part of a referral team that’s dedicated to one thing – generating referrals for all teammates.


Testimonial   ⮞

“Steve’s referral training is phenomenal. It taught us all the skills we needed, was fun and engaging. He’s got a knock of getting you quickly in the learning zone and keeping you there. Better than that – we used our new skills immediately with others in the session and got new business! Great structure, great opportunities, great fun.”

Elisa Elkins, Allegra Financial

Here’s a reality check…

Large networking organisations that rely on memberships are businesses established so owners can make money. These owners make more money from new members joining than from existing members renewing. Where do you think they put their efforts? This results in organisational structures that promote member churn so the owner can gain more new members in the popular categories. Worse, it results in shallow relationships between members so low numbers of inferior referrals are exchanged… and this continues the cycle of churn. These organisations are businesses first, referral organisations for members second.

“Can ARTA help me Build a Successful Referral Network?”

Yes. ARTA exists to provide a high-functioning alternative to the big players in this arena.

ARTA is not a membership organisation. We’re a training organisation. We teach you the strategies and skills to attract referrals without the expense or massive time commitment demanded by the large organisations. We teach you who your Natural Referral Partners are, how to proactively exchange referrals with them and how to seal the deal with specialised referral communication techniques.

No other organisation does this. 


Whether you form a Rapid Referral Team, have 1-2-1 coaching or buy the videos,

you have exceptional training and support from an expert to

make sure you attract more referrals.

Facilitated Referral Teams (FRT)

  • Your FRT sets its own standards.                              
  • Trained by a Specialist Referral Marketing Trainer.
  • Set up to make money for your team members.
  • Choose your team of referral partners.                      
  • No requirement to bring visitors.                                   
  • A team mentality = high grade referrals.                                                          
  • Facilitated & Proactive Referral Generation.

Other Referral Organisations

  • You adhere to their standards regardless of their suitability to your business or schedule.
  • Potentially not trained at all or trained by a non-specialist without the depth of knowledge required.
  • You’re part of an organisation designed to make money for the business owner.
  • You’re with the existing lottery of members, most of whom will be strangers.
  • You’re required to bring visitors so the franchisee can acquire new members.
  • Individuals who happen to play on the same field so low member retention and poor quality, inconsistent referrals.
  • Overwhelmingly ad-hoc reactive referrals due to low member retention.

Testimonial   ⮞

Steve has the awesome ability to get a room engaged fast. He makes learning a fun and positive experience for all. No matter what your level of knowledge is within the room he makes you feel comfortable and safe to ask the questions that you need answers to.

If you want someone to inspire, engage and impart a wealth of knowledge… Steve is the person you need!

Simon James, Simon James Photography  

Connect with Steve ⮞

Steve Sweeney

ARTA CEO & Head Trainer

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