On-Demand Video Referral Masterclasses 

Course outcomes include participants being able to –

  • Determine which networking events to attend and which to avoid
  • Network for referrals
  • Discover their Unique Service Proposition and use it to their advantage
  • Create a reliable stream of referral business from their known associates
  • Form their own referral team with the right professionals
  • Present on their business with confidence
  • Use the referral tools to generate business
  • Use referral generating language patterns

You don’t have to join a large organisation and pay expensive fees to attract referrals.

Simply learn the system in these Referral Masterclasses… from an expert Referral Trainer.


Learn the techniques that make attracting referrals easy.

These on-demand referral masterclasses have been put together by a Specialist Referral Marketing Trainer.

They cover the process and essential strategies you need to understand to attract quality referrals to your business.

Complete one per week and in 3 months you’ll have the knowledge you need and a toolkit

full of strategies for attracting more referrals.

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Referrals Make You Feel Great!

“Steve is able to engage a group of people, determine their training needs and deliver on topic knowledge in a fun and supportive training environment.  

“Throughout my learning and working with Steve, his ability to engage his audience and deliver on training goals has been faultless and fantastic.  Steve is an entertaining and engaging trainer who is exceptional at what he does.”
Megan Coulter, BNI Director


92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.


65% of companies’ new deals come from referrals


Referrals have a 30% higher conversion rate than leads.

1. Develop Your Unique Sales Proposition (spoken)

People will say “So tell me about what you do…” This course ensures your response makes you look referrable.

Course Outcomes.

You will learn –

  • The 5 Critical Elements of a Referrable USP
  • To clearly define your Target Market (…and why it’s essential to do so!)
  • To succinctly describe the benefits you provide
  • Why you are the right choice (Make them look past the competition to you.)
  • Language that generates confidence in your abilities
  • One final exceptional outcome from knowing your USP (It’s a doozy!)

This course gives you a template so you can cut’n’paste your information and create your own effective USP.

Too many business owners fear being different. Through this course you’ll learn it’s your unique difference that makes you easy to refer business to.



2. Make Your Website Referrable

Referred prospects will check you out before they buy so employ these strategies to ensure you win their hearts and minds with your website. They will gain confidence in you and so will your Referral Partners.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • 5 Easy-to-Implement Design and Content Techniques to ensure your website looks professional
  • How to win Hearts and Minds on web pages (Every business owner needs to know these!)
  • The importance of website clarity and how to achieve it (Confusion kills the will to purchase.)
  • To structure a Call-to-Action that converts

Too many business owners lose referrals because their websites let them down. Actioning the simple steps in this course will stop that happening to you and give your Referral Partners the confidence to keep sending you more referrals.

3. Networking for Start-Ups

Use these 5 basic networking techniques to accelerate your results.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • To plan for a networking event
  • To work out which events to attend
  • The relationship between networking and attracting referrals
  • A healthy networking mindset
  • Dozens of tips to make networking fun and productive

We get it… networking can be daunting. But things are only daunting when you don’t know how to do them. This course will give you the basic knowledge to build relationships and achieve an outcome. When combined with Masterclass 6, you’ll be making the connections that matter and are beneficial to your business.

4. Build Your Own Referral Network

Referrals come from someone else so learn the professions that are best placed to pass you more of the them.

Course Outcomes

You will learn  –

  • The importance of defining your Target Market and how to do this (It’s one of the basics of marketing.)
  • Who your Natural Referral Partners are (Essential for accelerating the exchanging of referrals.)
  • The benefits of Facilitated Referral Teams (These are the pinnacle experience in referral marketing.)
  • How to build your own Facilitated Referral Team

In Facilitated Referral Teams, every customer of one team member is a potential customer of all the other team members.

That is how referral gold is delivered.

5. Initiating Referral Partner Relationships

From Course 4, you know which professions are best positioned to pass you referrals. Now you need to assess the competence and character of your potential candidates.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • 6 questions to ask your potential Referral Partners
  • What to look for in their answers
  • Some of the psychology or referral marketing

This course helps you select the people you want as your Referral Partners. This course is critical for helping you to avoid always being the giver in the relationship!

6. Advanced Networking Skills

This course will totally change the way you go about your networking. It will give you purpose and allow you to capitalise on lesser-known yet powerful strategies.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • 10 Networking Strategies that will give you focus and results.

This is next-level networking as trained by a Specialist Referral Marketing Trainer. There are many reasons to network and all are valid. These techniques in this course are totally focused on creating referrals.

7. Developing Referral Partner Relationships

Like Course 5, this course introduces you to 6 more questions you can ask to help you advance the Referral Partner relationship beyond square one.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • The questions to ask
  • What to look for in the answers

Upon receiving responses to these questions, you’ll be in a great position to ascertain if the person you’re talking with is the right Referral Partner material for you.

8. The Art & Science of the Follow-Up

Many business owners avoid the follow-up because they fear being too salesy. This course will remove that anxiety and give you natural ways of following up that are non-salesy and…. wanted by the prospect!

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • Who to Follow-Up
  • How to Follow-Up
  • When to Follow-Up
  • How to make Your Follow-Up desirable and natural

When a prospect wants to be followed up, they know you can provide value to them. So learn how to create that feeling. The techniques you will learn will make connecting with other business owners something to be enjoyed, not feared.

They will regard you as helpful, knowledgeable and a valuable connection and you will be building relationships with people who can help your business grow.

9. Stories are Referral Marketing Gold

Just imagine how many more referrals you’d receive if people were telling your stories. So learn the process of great referral storytelling. Yes, it’s a process so anyone can do it!

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • The 6 elements of storytelling to attract referrals
  • How to create anticipation (This is what keeps them listening.)
  • The role you play in an effective referral story (You gotta get this right!)
  • How effective storytelling can demonstrate your compassion for your clients (…without turning you into a sap.)

When other people tell your stories, referrals find you. So learn how to tell memorable and compelling stories that others want to repeat.

10. Present Like a Business Leader Online

Presenting like a business leader places you above the chaos and noise. It ensures your message cuts through and builds your tribe. People with this leadership status are easy to refer business to.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • A leader’s content
  • Presentation techniques of leaders
  • Leadership themes
  • Common traps to avoid

These days, achieving the status of Business Leader requires finely honed online presentation skills. This course helps to develop those skills. It routinely receives wonderful accolades from those who have attended.

Want to take your ability to attract referrals to a whole new level?

Become a business leader and change people’s perceptions of you.

11. Winning Clients from an Audience

Follow this process for your next presentation and win clients from an audience. It’s not about being a master presenter. It’s about following the process!

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • The importance of Referral Partners in the process
  • The presentation process
  • The lead up and the aftermath

Too many business owners just “get through” their presentations and completely miss the opportunity they have and feel deflated. Avoid this by following the process that ensures the right people hear the right messages from you.

12. Referral Tools

We’ve all got them, but far too few are using them to create referrals. This course tells you what the the referral tools are and how use them.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • The Referral Tools
  • How to use them

It’s short and sweet and will change the way you attract referrals with your trusted Referral Partners.

This course is a gamechanger when you have Referral Partners you trust implicitly. 

13. Referral Triggers

What are those little things that happen in people’s lives that indicate a need for your products or services exists? Once you know, you’ll regard them as rainmakers.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • 5 Common Referral Triggers that happen every single day to all of us
  • How to use them to advantage in your business
  • Multiple examples of each category you can immediately apply to your business

Knowing these will help you turn everyday expressions and events into referral opportunities. They will also help you connect with your Referral Partners in a meaningful way.

14. The Conversion Conversation

Conversing with a potential client can be daunting. Many people slip into talking about themselves and saying how wonderful they are. They lose the sale. These communication techniques will give you a guide for building rapport and winning trust. The sale follows naturally.

Course Outcomes

You will learn –

  • 12 trust-building communication techniques

These techniques are taught to medical students in universities and doctors, nurses and specialists in hospitals. They have been peer reviewed and written up in various medical journals.

They work.

I have been involved in training them in universities and hospitals for 7 years. They are important for doctors as they often only have a short time to build rapport with and get information from patients. So imagine how knowing them could help business owners who need to do exactly the same thing.

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Steve has the awesome ability to get a room engaged fast. He makes learning a fun and positive experience for all. No matter what your level of knowledge is within the room he makes you feel comfortable and safe to ask the questions that you need answers to.

If you want someone to inspire, engage and impart a wealth of knowledge… Steve is the person you need!

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