“I just wanted to thank you again for the training – there were some fantastic take aways! I can tell you genuinely care and want to see our businesses thrive, so I am really thankful for you imparting your knowledge.”

Sam Allen, Graphic Designer

Build Your Own

Business Referral Network


        • Tired of Aimless Networking for no Result?
        • Turned off by Expensive Membership Fees?
        • Fed up with Trying to find Visitors?
        • Want to attract referrals without being part of a cult?

You can attract referrals without all these hassles.


92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.


65% of companies’ new deals come from referrals


Referrals have a 30% higher conversion rate than leads.

Testimonial  ⮞

Darren Xerri, Accountant

“Steve’s referral experience and advice are an integral part of the growth of my business and the growth of my client’s businesses.  His engaging and charismatic approach to referral marketing lifts you to take action and improve your business.”


A Rapid Referral Team is

Your Personal Business Referral Network


Rapid Referral Teams

Unlike any other business networking groups

because you get results – GUARANTEED


Too many business owners are wasting too much time networking for little or no result.

They bounce around from event to event creating dozens and dozens of shallow

relationships that bear no fruit. Here’s a tip…


Referrals come from deep relationships, not shallow ones.


So form your own Rapid Referral Team

from 3 – 6 of your existing trusted referral partners, deepen the relationships in the training and

begin exchanging referrals so you all benefit.


Learn Business Referral Networking Skills through ARTA.

Form Your Own Rapid Referral Team and –

  • Never pay expensive membership fees again – EVER!

  • Quickly begin exchanging referrals

  • Learn Proactive Referral Generation Techniques

  • Enjoy the support of a team environment

  • Access a Comprehensive 14 Video Masterclass Series

RRTs come with a

Money Back Guarantee


Need a personal strategy to attract referrals?

Private coaching is where you will learn your personal business referral networking strategy. We’ll delve into the aspects of your business and communications that affect your ability to attract referrals and improve each of them.

  • Total focus on your business
  • Start-up to experienced
  • Improve your referral skills
  • Develop your personal business referral networking strategy.

Whether you form a Rapid Referral Team, have 1-2-1 coaching or buy the videos,

you have exceptional training and support from an expert to make sure you attract more referrals.

You don’t need to join a large business referral network

organisation and pay large fees to

attract referrals…

Business Referral Networking in

large organisations is

not for everyone.

Too often, members of large business networking groups complain about –

  • Not Receiving Enough Referrals
  • Weekly Meetings
  • The Pressure of having to Refer Business to People They Don’t Know
  • Having to take on Time-Consuming Leadership Roles
  • The Expense
  • Constantly being hounded to Bring Visitors
  • Having to Comply with the Organisation’s Rules or be Punished!
  • The lack of Quality Training
  • Being Thrown in the Deep End

Rapid Referral Teams avoid all this and simply deliver all teammates referrals.


There’s another way…

Simply learn the Referral System and make it happen yourself.

Searching for an effective professional business networking solution?

Rapid Referral Team could be the answer you’re looking for.     

Book a Free Discovery Session.


“It’s a breath of fresh air when someone is prepared to stretch the conversation to provide real value. Steve did this with professionalism and understanding for which I am grateful. His expertise in referral marketing is clear and well worthwhile to attain.”

Jeanette Peterson, Yoga Instructor

“That was an extremely rich learning opportunity. I couldn’t take notes fast enough! One of the best presentations the EBN has hosted.”

Simone Dawson, Psychologist

“I know Steve Sweeney to be a terrific human and a super engaging facilitator/trainer. I have been to various of his training sessions and have always been impressed with how the crowd takes to him and how people leave inspired and with bucket loads of knowledge.”

Sarita Johan, Business Coach

Connect with Steve ⮞


Steve Sweeney

ARTA Head Trainer

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