Australian Referral

Training Academy

ARTA exists to enable SME Business Owners and their Salespeople to

maximise their income via Referral Marketing.

Referral Marketing (Word-of-Mouth Marketing)

is especially effective in densely competitive sectors where a high

degree of trust is required to win clients.

Turn your great reputation

into great referrals.

ARTA can teach you how.


ARTA has 4 Functions

Forming, Training & Managing Strategic Referral Teams (SRTs)

Externally Managing & Training Existing Independent Referral Groups

Customised Referral Marketing Training for Co-Working Spaces

Business Owner & Salesperson Referral Marketing Training

The reasons for Referral Training are in…


  • 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

  • Consumers referred by a friend are four times more likely to buy.

  • B2B companies with referrals experience a 70% higher conversion rate.

  • Referral leads have a 30% higher conversion rate than leads from any other channel.

  • Referrals account for 65% of companies’ new deals.

  • Word of mouth affects the purchase decision of 54% of consumers. It’s the most influential psychological driver for purchases.

  • Word-of-mouth recommendation plays some part in 80% of all B2B and B2C deals.

  • According to referral marketing statistics, referred customers have a 37% higher customer retention rate.

  • An offline word-of-mouth impression can increase your sales by at least 500% compared to a paid advertising impression.

    Source –

ARTA training is specifically designed to address

common SME and BDM referral marketing skills gaps.

The training

  • uses cutting-edge adult learning concepts
  • is fun and interactive
  • teaches relationship development skills needed to attract buyers.

Need to create more referral opportunities? ARTA training can assist.

“Thank you Steve for your presentation. I definitely did gain some great tips and hints and will definitely be making use of them in my next presentation.”

Gaelene Pickering, Insurance Broker

“There are few trainers who have Steve’s gift of being able to educate and entertain at the same time. This immediately gets learners in the right headspace to absorb information. But then he goes further… he inspires you to put the knowledge into practice.”

Elisa Elkins, Financial Advisor

“Steve’s training is phenomenal. It taught us all the skills we needed, was fun and engaging. He’s got a knack of getting you quickly into the learning zone and keeping you there.“

Sarah Marshall, Bookkeeper


The Australian Referral Training Academy recognises the need BDMs and Business Owners have to consistently generate sales through reliable referral funnels.  In an ever-increasing competitive commercial environment, collaboration and effective communication strategies are the keys to developing meaningful relationships that result in business. Our training produces BDMs & Strategic Referral Teams that know how to collaborate and communicate to achieve business growth.

Hi, I’m Steve Sweeney. I spent 5 years as the Area Training Director for Australia’s largest Business Network International (BNI) franchise. It was a fun gig but it was time to move on and put my own improved offer out there. Click of the Strategic Referral Teams or Start-Up Referral Teams tabs and you’ll see what I mean. That’s when ARTA was born.

Additionally, I regularly conduct workshops at Business in Heels Summits so attendees can learn and prosper from the benefits of referral marketing, presentation skills and knowing how to conduct business meetings that lead to a desirable outcome. These workshops have been voted the most popular of all.

Co-working Space Managers are also seeing the benefits of these sessions as their tenants begin to form collaborative groups. This leads to client stability, a strong community feel and growth due to the special events which are conducted.



“I was fortunate to experience two of Steve’s informative sessions – a webinar and a 1:1 coaching session. Both were based on collaborative marketing strategies to achieve successful outcomes in business.

“His insightful commercial acumen is communicated with authenticity – I now feel more confident in understanding how to use referral marketing to effectively generate sales for my products and services.”

Tonita Salmon, Healthcare Practitioner

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 I very much appreciate the time you spent sharing your knowledge with me today – thank you. You clearly know your stuff! I have plenty of things to work on now.” Fiona Spence, Fiona Jane Training.


Referral Training + The Right Connections = Immediate Business Opportunities.


It’s That Simple.

“Steve provided me with some invaluable advice that was both on point and considered.  It is a breath of fresh air when someone is prepared to stretch the conversation to provide value.  Steve did this with professionalism and understanding for which I was grateful.  His expertise in his field is clear and well worthwhile to attain.”  Jeanette Peterson, Infinite Yoga & Wellness.