Referral Training in Your Co-Working Space

The best way to grow your co-working space is to grow your existing clients’ businesses via referral training.


Co-Working Space Managers are sitting on a wonderful opportunity to stabilise their current clients while acquiring new ones. How? By sponsoring live or online referral training within their facility.

Referral training –

  • Stabilises existing clients
  • Forms profitable business eco-systems within your space
  • Helps your clients form better personal and business relationships
  • Makes your space a vibrant space
  • Helps your clients create new business
  • Encourages your clients to invite their network to your facility
  • Gives your space a competitive advantage

Make an enquiry now to learn about the connection mechanisms within the training that make this happen.

Testimonial   ⮞

“I would like to express my appreciation for the training and assistance that I have received from Steve Sweeney. During our training, Steve shone as he was able to move to the student’s side of the table. Instead of remaining at the front and dragging us through a set stack of PowerPoint slides, he made the entire experience interactive and spent time where students needed help and clarification while going through the subject matter. This flexibility engaged our team and made the training an enjoyable experience – and helped us to retain the knowledge!”

Paul Ostaff, Reignite Business Consulting

Connect with Steve ⮞

Steve Sweeney

ARTA Head Trainer

✉  [email protected]  |   ✆  0459 412 521