Facilitated Referral Team Training –

  • Avoid Expensive Membership Fees
  • Attract Consistent & Dependable Proactive Referrals
  • No more Aimless Networking
  • First 4 Teammates Receive Substantial Fee Reduction
  • 8-12 Non-Competing Business Owners
  • Your Experienced Referral Team Facilitator is Your Guide

Facilitated Referral Team Training

Facilitated Referral Teams are the pinnacle experience for business owners wanting to boost their referral results. FRTs enable business owners to –

  • Form an exclusive, tight community of Referral Partners.
  • Exchange Proactive Referrals* (See Note)
  • Put an end to aimless networking that delivers no results
  • Learn and use the Referral Tools that make all the difference.
  • Avoid ongoing membership fees.
  • Take control of their Proactive Referral Generation Strategy in their Team.

Your Facilitator will turn your training

into new Proactive

Referral creation habits.

Your Facilitator

Your Facilitator is skilled in six areas –

  • Referral Team Management
  • Referral Mentoring
  • Identifying Referral Opportunities for Your Teammates
  • Creating and Growing Your Team
  • Assisting with any Events Your Team Hosts
  • The Referral Process

Proactive Referrals

Proactive Referrals are the planned referrals that come from the use of the Referral Tools team members will be introduced to and taught to use.

They are more reliable and consistent than Reactive Referrals due to the planning and collaboration that create them.

I have a Team Ready for Training

I Need Help Creating a Team

Testimonial   ⮞

“Steve is able to engage a group of people, determine their training needs and deliver on topic knowledge in a fun and supportive training environment.  

“Throughout my learning and working with Steve, his ability to engage his audience and deliver on training goals has been faultless and fantastic.  Steve is an entertaining and engaging trainer who is exceptional at what he does.”
Megan Coulter, BNI Director

You don’t have to join a large organisation and

pay expensive fees to attract referrals.

Simply learn the system that makes it happen.

Some Points of Difference to Consider…

Facilitated Referral Teams (FRT)

  • Your FRT sets its own standards.                              
  • Trained by a Specialist Referral Marketing Trainer.
  • Set up to make money for your team members.
  • Choose your team of referral partners.                      
  • No requirement to bring visitors.                                   
  • A team mentality = high grade referrals.                                                          
  • Facilitated & Proactive Referral Generation.

Other Referral Organisations

  • You adhere to their standards regardless of their suitability to your business or schedule.
  • Potentially not trained at all or trained by a non-specialist without the depth of knowledge required.
  • You’re part of an organisation designed to make money for the business owner.
  • You’re with the existing lottery of members, most of whom will be strangers.
  • You’re required to bring visitors so the franchisee can acquire new members.
  • Individuals who happen to play on the same field so low member retention and poor quality, inconsistent referrals.
  • Overwhelmingly ad-hoc reactive referrals due to low member retention.

The Training –

9 hours across 3 x 3hr sessions

  • The Referral Process
  • Referral Communication Strategies
  • Networking for Referrals
  • Team Proactive Referral Generation Skills
  • Running Productive Referral Team Meetings
  • Presentation to Attract Referrals
  • Referral Partner 1-2-1 Skills & Practice
  • Referral Tools – The Gamechangers
  • Team Growth Strategies

It’s easier to generate referrals for others than it is to find clients for yourself.

So surround yourself with teammates who are trained in the art & science of generating referrals for your business.

This is the essence of Facilitated Referral Teams.


PRICE    AU$699 for 1st 4 Founding Teammates

AU$1199 for all other Teammates



Price includes 3 months of fortnightly team facilitation in your regular team meeting.


I have a Group Ready for Team Training

I Need Help Creating a Team

Testimonial   ⮞

Steve has the awesome ability to get a room engaged fast. He makes learning a fun and positive experience for all. No matter what your level of knowledge is within the room he makes you feel comfortable and safe to ask the questions that you need answers to.

If you want someone to inspire, engage and impart a wealth of knowledge… Steve is the person you need!

Simon James, Simon James Photography  

Connect with Steve ⮞

Steve Sweeney

ARTA Head Trainer

✉  [email protected]  |   ✆  0459 412 521